Nourish + Hydrate Body Oil

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Nourish + Hydrate Body Oil

4 oz / 120 mL

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Your hydrating, moisturizing, stretch mark-fighting body oil.

Sweet Almond Oil (cold-pressed and unrefined, obviously) is your ticket to glowing, hydrated, moisturized skin—without any greasy residue. Combined with fruity Maracuja (passionfruit seed) Oil it soothes and calms. Jasmine Essential Oil is a total crowd-pleaser: It smells floral (see also: amazing) and helps manage stretch marks, scars, and zap acne-inducing bacteria. Finally, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil encourages moisture retention (hi, glowy skin) and the scent is used by aromatherapists to help you chill. Massage a few drops into your still-damp skin after showering for best results. You’ll love it, trust us.

*We use high quality extraction methods. All of our carrier ingredients are cold-pressed, unrefined, botanical oils. Made in the USA.


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Key Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil

Super-hydrating, fast-absorbing, almost scentless oil used widely in body oils and face oils that target dry skin. We use only cold-pressed and unrefined Sweet Almond Oil—the best of the best.

Maracuja Oil

Naturally rich in vitamin C, Maracuja (passion- fruit seed) Oil brightens skin to give a fresh glow. It’s rich in essential fatty acids that nourish your skin while providing a protective barrier against environmental factors and water loss that can trigger the skin dehydration and speed up the aging process (hello, fine lines).

Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine Essential Oil is extracted from Jasmine flowers and smells floral and downright amazing—truly, everyone loves it. This oil helps tone the skin, improve elasticity, and reduce stretch marks and scars. Jasmine Oil can halt the growth of acne-causing bacteria while also balancing your skin’s oil production. We love it in face, hair, and body products. You will too.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Rejuvenating, calming, moisturizing—Ylang Ylang Essential Oil almost does it all. This ingredient helps your skin retain moisture retention, balancing sebum production, and rejuvenate for an all-over glow. It’s also great at nourishing dry or irritated skin. It’s used in aromatherapy to help you chill out as Ylang Ylang’s floral smell is known to be a relaxing kind of scent.

Vitamin E

How to Use

Apply a few drops to clean skin morning or night. Or, mix a few drops with your moisturizer and apply after cleansing, toning, and using your favorite serum.

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